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In the mornings of Good Friday and Holy Saturday you can hear beautiful chants during the Vigils in a monastery. The Lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah are among the most expressive literary poems of the Old Testament. Therefore they are recited in a cantillating or chanting manner since the early days of the Church.

Down below there are the recordings of two lamentations for you. These are not studio recordings, but authentic recordings of the prayer, so that you can also hear the sounds of the other sisters present.

An experience as if you were right in the middle of the chapel at Seligenthal Abbey.

First Lamentation of Holy Saturday2024

Second Lamentation of Holy Saturday2024

burning candle in front of the altar with a black cloth under the cross in front - a place to pray on Holy Saturday
Holy Saturday - the entombed Jesus lies in front of the altar in the nuns' gallery

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