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Offers for students

Want to spend some time in a quiet surrounding and study?


Exam preparation

Do you have an exam coming up and need to concentrate on your studies? Do you just want to get away from your normal surroundings with all their distractions and focus on your exam preparation?
Come and stay with us for a few days or weeks and we will not only offer you a room with a private bathroom, but also pray for you and your exam.

Time out to write

Do you have to write a term paper for university? Do you want to write your Master's thesis in peace and quiet in a monastic environment? Our offer is perfect for you.
In return for a little help, you will receive accommodation and meals for free and have many hours a day to write.
The sisters' prayer times are also a great opportunity to take a deep breath and get new inspiration in between, without being obligatory.


Gain teaching experience

Seligenthal offers you the right environment to try your hand at teaching in Germany. The educational center with kindergarten, elementary school, business school and high school offers teaching experience with students of all ages and abilities.

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