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Immersive Experience: Living and Praying with Nuns in Germany

Immersive Experience: Living and Praying with Nuns in Germany Are you seeking a transformative journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery? Look no further than Monastic Experience, where you can join us for an unforgettable retreat in the serene and historic setting of the Cistercian Abbey of Seligenthal in Landshut, Germany. Here, you will have the opportunity to live, pray, and work alongside the nuns, immersing yourself in the rich traditions of monastic life that have been practiced here since the 12th century. During your stay at the abbey, you will have the chance to deepen your relationship with Jesus through ancient prayer practices. Experience the beauty of the liturgy of the hours, where you will join the nuns in their daily prayers. Engage in lectio divina, a contemplative practice of reading and meditating on sacred texts. And find peace and stillness through contemplative prayer, allowing yourself to connect with the divine in a profound way. Not only will you have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice, but you will also have the chance to improve your German language skills. Living and interacting with the nuns and the local community will provide you with an immersive language experience. You'll have the opportunity to practice your German in everyday conversations and truly immerse yourself in the language. But it's not all prayer and language learning. Our program also offers a variety of activities and experiences to enrich your time at the abbey. You'll have the chance to explore popular German cities and visit historical sites, immersing yourself in the rich culture and history of the country. And if you have a passion for music, you can even join the nuns in singing Gregorian chant in Latin, experiencing the beauty and transcendence of this ancient musical tradition. At Monastic Experience, we believe in providing a holistic and enriching experience for young women seeking spiritual growth and cultural immersion. Living in a nun's cell, eating with the nuns, and assisting with simple tasks in the house will give you a firsthand experience of monastic life. You'll also have the freedom to start missionary projects with pupils and students, engaging in activities such as gardening, carpentry, and kitchen work. These hands-on experiences will not only deepen your connection to the community but also provide you with valuable skills and a sense of purpose. And don't worry, we understand the importance of balance. You'll have days off each month to explore Germany and Europe as a tourist or pilgrim. Take the opportunity to visit famous landmarks, immerse yourself in the local culture, or simply take time for personal reflection and relaxation. Our goal at Monastic Experience is to provide young women with a transformative experience that combines spiritual growth, cultural immersion, and personal reflection. Through the peaceful and reflective environment of the abbey, you'll have the opportunity to know yourself better in an atmosphere of silence and prayer. You'll deepen your faith, broaden your religious horizon, and gain insight into European Christianity and German culture. Join us in August 2024 for a life-changing experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a renewed sense of purpose. Choose from flexible durations of 3 months, 6 months, or a whole year. The Cistercian Abbey of Seligenthal awaits, ready to welcome you into the timeless traditions of monastic life.

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